Weckworth Langdon Manufacturing, Inc.
117 Baughman Avenue • Haysville, KS 67060 800-533-8368


We can sew, weld, glue, or otherwise bond together, any project.

In 1887, Weckworth Manufacturing, Inc. was established when the Langdon Manufacturing Co. merged with a Cut ‘N Sew company. In the following decades, Weckworth grew rapidly to become a leader in the contract sewing industry. In September 1993, Weckworth was acquired by Bob Hoffmann.

We are a contract sewing manufacturer with over 250 industrial sewing machines (single needles, double needles, box “X’s”, bar tackers, programmables), and several Radio Frequency Hot Wedge, and Hot Air Fabric Welders.

In November 1994, Weckworth moved from a 44,000 sq ft facility to one that’s grown to over 90,000 sq ft. In January 2010, we moved to our current location that measures 100,000 sq ft.

60% to 65% of our overall sales are to the United States Government for use at home and abroad.

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